Frequently Asked Questions

What are your services?

   I do not provide a list or menu of services. Chemistry is important, respect is paramount. Any time spent together will be discussed in a respectful manner beforehand. Should you have any questions or preferences you wish to express via email before meeting, you're welcome to do so. ♡

Do you party?

  I am 420 friendly and drink socially, however I do not party or do drugs. I have zero tolerance for being around anyone under the influence of hard drugs. I don't mind seeing a guest who has had a drink or two (or even having one together), but please for both of our comfort and safety please do not visit when intoxicated. ♡

Do you travel within Canada? The United States and beyond?

    I am not currently planning any tours at the moment, however you are always welcome to visit Toronto or fill out my contact form to inquire about fly-me-to-you arrangements. ♡

Do you have reviews? 

    If you're the kind of person who relies on reviews to decide if you are interested, I am simply not the one for you. Every experience is different and heavily depends on your behaviour and your treatment towards me. If you have certain hopes and expectations and want to be sure they will be met, a respectful conversation can be had before securing a booking to discuss what you are looking for.  Open communication with the provider you wish to see is more valuable than any review.

    It's wrong to post private information, acts, and descriptions against the providers will.. and as such I prefer to avoid any hobbyist who identifies with the entitled and abusive behaviour that comes with rating providers on toxic boards without their consent. ♡

Why did you block me on Twitter?

    If you have an explicit profile photo or header, a locked account, or repost photos/videos without consent or credit, that may be the reason. It's a personal choice and I appreciate that you respect it. ♡

Do you do duos?

    I am fortunate to have a few local duo partners, as well as some that travel to the city from time to time. However, I do not have a specific duo partner who is available at any given time, so inquire to find out who may be available! You're also welcome to ask about duos with folks you've seen me connect with on Twitter ♡

Do you offer pic and video packages for sessions? 

   I'm not currently making content with people unless we are fairly familiar with each other. If we've gotten to know each other over time it's something I'm open to. ♡

What is your ethnicity? 

   I'm Inuit/Indigenous.  ♡

Best way to contact you?

   An email including your name and a short introduction that includes basic information such as your age and anything specific you might be interested in will go a long way. Definitely include the potential date(s) you are hoping to meet, as well as the time frame. If you have any other questions or concerns, I would include those as well! This will make connecting on a meaningful level possible, and at the very least our initial meeting much easier.  ♡